Except casting the gray cast, steel, stainless steel (inox) and wear resistant steel, we are specialized for making the castings of heavy colored metals on the copper basis. In the palette of our products are represented:

  • tin bronzes
  • copper alloys with tin
  • copper alloys with zinc and lead - so called the red casting
  • aluminic and lead bronzes
  • alloys on the copper and the aluminum basis
  • alloys on the basis of the aluminum
  • bearing alloys - so called the white metal
  • alloys for the soft weld

Casting technology::

  • sand cast (L)
  • gravitiy cast (K)
  • centrifugal cast (C)
  • uninterrupted (continuous) cast (N)

The final product delivered processed to:

  • finished measure
  • estimated measure or unprocessed

Castings of colored metals are produced with the technology of sand casting up to the weight of a single piece of 2.000 kg.

Centrifugal castings are produces up to the weight of single piece of 1.200 kg.

For the continuous casting of heavy colored metals we own special technological line, on which we can pull out rods and tubes in diameters from 20 up to 140 mm.

Castings of the gray cast, steel, stainless steel (inox) and wear resistant steel are made with the technology of sand and centrifugal casting up to the weight of single piece of 600 kg.

Casting is made based on the model, as well as on the draft or the sample, and for castings publishes the suitable factory certificate.

The technological equipment of foundrie makes possible the production of miscellaneous casting products such as:

  • different canal armatures
  • drains
  • covers
  • hydrant boxes and bars
  • housing for bearings
  • belt wheels and other

Factory is also equipped with suitable engines, tools and mechanization, so that besides rough or semi-finished castings can also be delivered finaly machined parts.



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